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Your weight problem is not all your fault!

Other reasons need to be looked at. When you understand these five reasons for your dieting problems, you can win the dietgame, and set up a good relationship with food for the rest of your life.

5. SUPERMARKETS EXPOSED! Were you ever taught how to shop for food? Probably not. You need to consider the layout of the store, (it's tricky) how the products are displayed. Then you need to learn to read labels and ingredients. 70% of the products on the shelves are there just to take your money. If nature didn't make it, you don't need it. RESTAURANTS -Ask how your food is prepared. Ask to see the kitchen. When was the last time they were inspected. What was their rating? At Fast food restaurants ask the nutritional contents of the food you order!

4. VENDING MACHINES ARE RIPPING YOU OFF! Besides losing money, and charging too much, the products are fatting, salty, and addictive.

3. COUPONS ARE A GIMMICK to convince, entice, persuade you to buy a product you don't need in the first place. Save 50 cents on Fruit Loops, when you could save $3.50 if you didn't buy it. How often do you see coupons things you do need; fresh produce, eggs, "real" meat.

2. ADVERTISERS ARE SABOTAGING YOU WITH THEIR ADS. What they do is "CREATE" a problem or fear, that their product will solve. Total cereal claims you're not getting all your vitamins (20 bowls of this = 1 bowl of Total). Eat Total and solve your "so-called" problem.

1. YOU USE FOOD AS AN EXCUSE OR CRUTCH. When you are happy, sad, depressed, stressed, what do you do---eat! Food is energy. Food gives you energy. Food is what you are made of. Food keeps you healthy. That is all. But we put so much emphasis on food, and associate it with everything. Your body knows what it needs. Use it, don't abuse it.

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