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The "Dawn Patrol" copyright 2003 by Greg Landry, M.S.

As you may already know from reading some of my articles, I believe that mornings are the best time to exercise for most people. There are several reasons for this (click here to read my archived article on morning exercise), but the bottom line is that you're much more likely to exercise consistently if you exercise in the morning.

I recently received an email message from one of my newsletter subscribers, Sharon in Dothan, Alabama. she and a friend call themselves the "Dawn Patrol". Here's her letter..

"Hello Greg, Thanks for all the inspiration you give us!! In May of last year (1999), I read one of your articles about morning exercise. I never considered myself a "morning person". However, at 36 years old with three young children, I was afraid I wouldn't be around to see them grow up."

"I weighed over two hundred pounds and was gaining a few pounds every month, probably because I tried every diet I could find. I started having serious health problems that were likely related to my weight. I think that brought me to reality. Not only was my quality of life poor because of my obesity, but I was risking an early death and leaving my children without their mother. I couldn't bear to think of that."

"I knew that I would have to start some serious exercising if I was going to regain my health and get back to the body I used to have. In fact I still picture myself that way in my mind and I'm always shocked when I see a picture of myself. Your article about morning exercise made so much sense to me. I asked a friend that lives nearby if she would meet me every morning so we could walk together and encourage each other to be consistent."

"We started in May of 1999 and it was very tough at first. There were mornings when the only reason I got out of bed was because I knew Lisa was waiting for me. But, within two or three months it actually became something that we both look forward to."

"We talk, gossip, laugh, cry, but best of all we lose weight and feel really good. In 15 months I've lost 81 pounds and Lisa has lost 63 pounds."

"We call ourselves the "Dawn Patrol" and we had some "Dawn Patrol" t-shirts made that are really cool. Pretty much without fail, we are out walking at dawn, and we love it now. We've only missed 6 days in 15 months. I know that sounds like we've gone over the edge, but we figure it's worth being a little fanatic about this. It has given us our lives back!"

These ladies are serious about this stuff - but, when you think about it, your health and quality of life are serious issues. Are you serious about it?

You don't have to start with a bang. Can you walk for ten minutes every morning? Can you add two or three minutes to that every week? Can you start your own "Dawn Patrol?"

Get movin'! :)

Author and exercise physiologist, Greg Landry, offers a variety of unique weight loss and fitness programs at his site: http://www.Landry.com/w.htm

copyright 2003 by Greg Landry, M.S.

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