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"Flip Your Fat-Burning Switch"
copyright 2003 by Greg Landry, M.S.

I'd like you to imagine that there's a switch on your forehead. Everytime you flip that switch, it does three things:

1. It elevates several of your body's hormones that tell your body to burn more fat.

2. It decreases hormones that tell your body to store fat.

3. It gives your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) a boost.

Would you be flipping that switch pretty frequently? You bet you would! You would probably wear it out.

Now, what if it required a little effort on your part to flip it? Are you game? Would you be willing to exercise regularly to get that switch flipped, because that's exactly what exercise will do for you. Everytime you exercise, the switch gets flipped.

For example, insulin is a hot topic right now because it's a "fat storage" hormone. Exercise decreases an elevated insulin level allowing fat to be removed from "storage" and burned as fuel.

Epinephrine and growth hormone are "fat mobilization" hormones. Their blood levels are increased with exercise and they cause fat to be removed from "storage" and burned as fuel.

Your basal metabolic rate is elevated a little every time you exercise. the more you flip the switch, the more it's elevated.

Here's the bottom line folks - when you're sedentary, your body loves to hold on to fat. It likes to "store" as much as it can.

Conversely, when you exercise, your body screams for fat to be dumped. It does everything it can to get rid of fat. The more you exercise, the more it screams. Make it scream! :)

Author and exercise physiologist, Greg Landry, offers FREE weight loss success stories and his "Fast, Healthy Weight Loss" newsletter at his site: http://www.Landry.com "

copyright 2003 by Greg Landry, M.S.

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